Insect Repellent

It’s my second summer in Japan, my second Bon Odori and of course the second bug season. It’s warmer than last year, but the bug season is much better just because we’ve made the preparation  since May. I bought any kind of the insect-repellent and put them in every corner since the weather was getting warm.

I spent a lot of money just for various types of insect repellent. Apparently so many kinds and all unique. One that makes me wonder is a cockroach spray with a trunk. So that the spray will be right on the target.

Tatami picture source :

Another unique one is bug spray for tatami’s mites. Tatami is a very thick mat, that is commonly used in Japan (as shown in the picture).  Tatami which has long used must have a lot of mites and small insect in it.  This spray was designed exclusively for this purpose. There is a long trunk with tip needle, so that the spray will be injected right under the tatami.

There are still any other types, for example :

  • Cockroach food that contains poison. The cockroach will come inside the tool, and will eat the food inside. Once it ate the food, it will carry the poison into its nest. Then it will explode and spread the poison inside its nest. I don’t know for sure that the cockroach explode and spread the poison inside the nest, becase I never know where the nest is…but I use this kind also.
  • Sticky trap to catch cockroach. I dont use it, because I cant imagine what should I do with the trapped cockroach.
  • Special sheet, used as a base on the table or something. I think the cockroach or other insect will slip on it. I haven’t used it yet. I found it very late, it’s autumn now.
  • White powder that should be spread outside the house, to avoid any insect come into our house. I used this of course. I spread the powder outside my apato since May.
  • And also any other kinds that I can’t mention here.
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One Response to Insect Repellent

  1. ira says:

    piet, mau yg bikin kecoa meledak dong!!! hihihi

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